PoshBoard V1 Beta 1

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Released: Jun 8, 2009
Updated: Jun 11, 2009 by Pilosite
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Release Notes

Release Update Followup
  • 11/08/2008 Website & Snapin rev3: :
CHANGED default widgets height to 400 px
CHANGED Widgets icons and order in add stuff menu
ADDED 3 new properties to Chart Widgets : AnimationEnabled and scrollerenabled for PBChart, LineTickness for PBDataSerie.
AnimationEnabled can be set to true for animation (works only for "shot" update, play update disable this boolean)
ScrollerEnabled enable or disable the scroller in chart (now disable by default): if you disable this property, chart will "fit"
your current control (Datapoint bar/column... size will change dynamically)
LineTickness : change the tickness of line in charts (1 for smallest line)
ADDED 1 new property to Datagrid : ShowGroupPanel (Boolean)
Enable or disable the top group panel (for datagrid filtering)
ADDED FlipBook Widget
ADDED BlackLight Dashboard Widgets
  • 06/08/2008 Website rev 2: (FIXED) bug when doing Snapshot with Charts widget (displayed only when page was reloaded)
  • 06/08/2008 Website rev 1: Initial release of Poshboard V1 Beta 1

It's a real pleasure to publish the first Beta of Poshboard V1 !

Introduction article with HD videos here http://www.poshboard.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12%3Aposhboard-v1-beta-1-available-&catid=1%3Aposhboard&Itemid=3&lang=en

Install using Installation guide for website and Snapin, and log on as user poshboard password poshboard for the Demo Tech page !

Lots of new features await you :
  • FullDuplex WCF Service : Poshboard now uses WCF to push data from server to the Silverlight client, great update speed ! Dynamic service creation let you install and run poshboard easely without worrying about service configuration.
  • Widget Tester : Let you test your script and know the execution time with a real time chart !
  • Widget Designer : Poshboard is the first product that let you design Silverlight GUI with simple PowerShell Code!. Widget Designer let you design your GUI and see the result in real time. Also support intellisense and Event handling ! (more on this on poshboard.com)
  • Poshboard PowerShell Snapin : every poshboard commands are now real powershell cmdlets ! you can design Silverlight GUI, Charts, Dashboards... Directly in a powershell console and see intuitive object results
  • Live Update widget : Now, all widgets supports live update (push server), and save your last execution setting (Snapshot or live update). Get your page updated as soon as you arrived !
  • Enhanced Datagrid support : Poshboard support different contents in datagrid : Strings, Boolean, Date and Image !

Hope you like this first Beta Release. I'll publish several tutorials to let you master PoshBoard widget creation ! Have Fun ;)

Quick Installation guide : Go to http://poshboard.com
Quick demo videos also available on http://www.poshboard.com

I would like to thank every people that works on the following projects, that are parts of this PoshBoard release :

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